My recent step in the entrepreneurial world has made it possible for me to realize the impact, we as humans can create. We often get delusional by the things we look; we end up assuming things and just let it go as it is. 

The belief and the rigor to come up with something new, something that disrupts the global village is what we all have in mind. Howbeit, there has always been a doubt, a hesitance in applying these ideas practically. While ideas are good, turning these dreams of a masterpiece into reality serves a great deal of effort, dedication, and perseverance. 

I believe that we can create a significant change through our belief, focus, and taking a risk to do something out of the box. The paradigm shift needed to transition ourselves from the normal is what will change the globe a decade later.

Our team created a poll recently to understand what the community wants to know from a budding start-up. While 30% of them thought of knowing the challenges and our learnings, a majority of them were interested to know about our upcoming innovation and the idea we are working on. Considering the statistics, Seabalt is all set to release the blogs that will benefit and help society; from the upcoming entrepreneurs to research enthusiasts.

Why is there a focus on our innovation?

Before I dive into the main concept of what our innovation is, I’d like to bring out the focus for the reason as to WHY focus on the innovation? Right from Tesla’s recent entry into the Indian market of electric vehicles, to the exit of Alphabet’s Loon project, there has been a lot of R&D going back and forth to get the most disruptive solution to the problem. 

The world and people are now inclined towards new technology that can help and boost their way of living. A few years down the line, we are set to observe a different world, where ideas and thoughts can come into reality. 

We believe that it is about solving the problem rather than money or focusing on the business perspective. While on one hand, the latter is needed for continuous growth and development, the former reaches out to people and gives them a chance to believe in our vision, who then becomes the driving force. 

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What is our innovation all about?

Our innovation is not limited to the technical aspect, but it has the proclivity to focus on the work, function, and how we manage as a start-up. 

We are working on a couple of ideas related to the engineering and technical side. In a nutshell, we are focusing on two broad hurdles of society: Agriculture and Medicine. While both are product serving ideas, they are under R&D, and we are scaling to make a prototype and get the customer’s perspective. 

Agriculture needs to see a better outcome, and creating an autonomous way of bolstering the yield can help farmers and developing countries scale up on their Argo requirements. There are plenty of factors that affect the health of crops, and closer scrutiny into these factors can help us dodge such problems. 

Medicine or bioelectronic medicine is another vast field of study that needs decades of research and lots of precision. Our recent idea in this field can enhance the existing technology, this, however, can take some time before we see it as reality.

While the world is always a step ahead, I believe that a feasible and decent solution to a problem can help people lift themselves. We focus not just on those who can afford it but make sure that we design our solution in a way that everyone can afford it.