Why We Do What We Do...

We are a human community who joined hands to provide you the services in the most feasible way possible…

About Us

Who are We??

Seabalt Technologies Private Limited is the next leading name in Information Technology Services and Smart Agricultural Monitoring Systems. Headquartered in Nadiad, Gujarat, Seabalt Technologies was founded in the golden year of 2020 with an aim of being an epitome of innovation. Seabalt is committed to leading the charge in providing feasible solutions to its customers with certitude. Our work is in contrast with the emerging technologies and services that are for the betterment of companies.

Seabalt Technologies also believes in the commitment and well-being of its employees. The need for considering employees as the rightful people and consider them in the same base as their clients is what makes Seabalt Technologies’ environment unique. The founder and the management committee have extensive business acumen within the IT sector. Their vision of making sure that there is enough space for everyone, and their motto and belief of “Empathizing with the neoteric” stands true, thereby creating a life-long legacy for truly being there for the new and the emerging.

We carry on the business of Software Development, Software as a Service, IT Enabled Services, IT Security Services, Security Surveillance System, Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Designing, User Interface, Web and Portal Operations, IT Tools, Information Technology, Smart Agriculture Monitoring Systems, Cloud Technologies and IT Consultancy and Advisory Services.

IT Experts

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What are people looking in us??

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we are committed to helping more people like you, every day.

Provide superior quality solutions to our customers.

Empathizing with the customer, their needs, and walk along with them in solving the problems.

Transpire with a supreme solution that the customer aims for.

Create an idyllic environment for the employees to boost themselves and empower them to walk on the mission with us.

Create a potential for farmers and agriculturists to increase their yield with our product.


What are we aiming to strive??

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. We at Seabalt have set aside our views to transform the global village.

Understand the impact, empathize, and define the problems for the clients before looking into business.

Create a legacy of providing feasible and quality services to our customers.

Boost the team’s morale and make connection in the international market by 2025.

Ingrain the quality of leadership without a title, commitment, and punctuality among all the team members.

Become a $100 million company and flourish in 2 more sectors by 2030.


Which path do we walk on??

Why count on us to deliver results? Because our company is more than just a business. Each person brings something different to the team, but here are a core set of values we all share…

Trust & Transparency – Being authentic and open about our company as much as the team is.

Innovation – Set to be our motto, innovation and change is what we believe in.

Ethics – Integrity, and commitment are much more valuable to us when it comes to serving the society.

Leadership – Lifting more and more leaders to rise up, and take control of their own life.